sanPharma manufactures and distributes the highest quality natural immune-modulators available today. Our highly effective and completely natural isopathic immune-modulators have been manufactured for over thirty years according to the principles and exact guidelines of Professor Günther Enderlein. sanPharma also offers a wide range of blood and stool diagnostic tests as an integral part of our medical research clinic. These cutting-edge diagnostic tests are performed in close collaboration with an associated hematological laboratory.

The drugs, nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics from sanPharma you can shop comfortably online. The isopathic medicines can be ordered through myCare. The homeopathic dietary supplements and pharmaceutical natural cosmetics series are available via our webshop pureSAN.


Aspegillus niger
Aspergillus niger – 10 Suppositorien
Active substance: Aspergillus niger dil. (HAB1, Vorschrift 5a)

Basosan Pulver
Basosan Powder – 250g tin
Dietary supplements for regulating the acidbase balance in the body

Mucor racemosus
Mucor racemosus – 10 Suppositorien
Active substance: Mucor racemosus dil. (HAB1, Vorschrift 5a)

Penicillium notatum
Penicillium notatum – 10 Suppositorien
Active substance: Penicillium notatum dil. (HAB1, Vorschrift 5a)