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SanPharma manufactures and distributes the highest quality natural immune-modulators available today. The metabolic components extracted from specific bacterial and fungal cultures are processed according to our proprietary method. SanPharma also offers a wide range of blood and stool diagnostic tests as an integral part of our medical research clinic. These cutting-edge diagnostic tests are performed in close collaboration with an associated hematological laboratory.


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The first doctoral thesis on Professor Günther Enderlein

  • Bound edition: 287 pages
  • Publisher: Reichl Verlag St. Goar (2006)
  • Language: German
  • ISBN-13: 978-3-87667-285-4

Various articles of Professor Günther Enderlein’s bacteriological and hematological research have been published for over 80 years. However, his research could never be completely understood because much information was unavailable. This book finally gives us insights into not only the brilliant mind of the researcher, but also detailed information on his meticulous research. With the help of personal interviews, unpublished notes, and other documents Dr. Elke Krämer succeeds in describing the life and revolutionary work of Günter Enderlein in her doctoral thesis.

This work, for the first time, enables the reader to understand Enderlein’s extensive research which finally led to the development of his unique biological immune-modulators. “Leben und Werk von Prof. Dr. phil. Günther Enderlein” documents an enticing chapter of previously unknown medical history.