Test Set

sanPharma test set

The test kit is only suitable for therapeutic kinesiological testing. The individual substances can not be taken.

Content (as of December 2015):
For testing purposes only (not for use on / in the human or animal body)

  1. Mucor racemosus dil.
  2. Mucor racemosus trit.
  3. Penicillium notatum dil.
  4. Penicillium notatum trit.
  5. Aspergillus niger dil.
  6. Aspergillus niger trit.
  7. Candida parapsilosis dil.
  8. Candida parapsilosis trit.
  9. Penicillium roqueforti dil.
  10. Penicillium roqueforti trit.
  11. Penicillium frequentans dil.
  12. Penicillium frequentans trit.
  13. Bacillus cereus dil.
  14. Bacillus cereus trit.
  15. Bacillus firmus dil.
  16. Bacillus firmus trit.
  17. Bacillus subtilis dil.
  18. Bacillus subtilis trit.
  19. Mycobacterium phlei dil.
  20. Mycobacterium phlei trit.
  21. Biocortisan dil.
  22. Biocortisan trit.

The test kit can be purchased from our partner BioPure.

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