Ultra-colloidation of drinking water

Ultra-colloidation of drinking water – The cluster structure of water

From millimeter water clusters (mm) to nanometer water clusters (nm)

Water takes on cluster structures via its hydrogen bonds. These cluster structures increase when water is under pressure. (Water pipe pressure approx. 3-5 bar/cylinder water filling up to 9 bar)

The gases naturally contained in the water, oxygen and nitrogen, are displaced by the preservative carbon dioxide ( CO²) – with high pressure, the cluster structure is correspondingly larger than in tap water.

This unnaturally large cluster state is swirled during physical water regeneration in the nanoscale usual for deep sources (including the area of colloids) of less than 100 nm particle size..

All metabolic processes of living organisms are based on colloidal solutions. Vital colloidal solutions include blood and lymph, for example. All plant juices are also colloidal solutions.

During the ultra-colloidation process, the water gets reduced to small droplets similar to nebulization, which are roughly 50nm (therefore “ultra-colloidation”).

Colloidal Products

Colloids are substances in the size range of less than 100 nanometers. In living systems, body fluids are physiologically balanced when they are in colloidal state. sanPharma manufactures its colloidal products using ultra-colloidation and thus guarantees maximum bioavailability.

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