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sanPharma is a mid-sized family-owned biotech pharmaceutical company that has existed for almost 40 years. The company has many years of experience in the international distribution of immunobiological and isopathic medicines and dietary supplements.

Founded in 1978, sanPharma began the development, production and distribution of immunobiological and isopathic medicines. The preparations obtained from bacterial and mold cultures are produced under GMP conditions and subject to the strictest quality and safety controls. The production still takes place today according to the proven methods in which specific smallest protein fractions are obtained from the bacterial and mold fungus cultures, which develop their special action potential in the organism.

As a manufacturer of biological drugs, we strive for a holistic treatment approach in medicine. In accordance with our holistic company philosophy, the product range is continually being expanded. Together with our partners, we only develop products that have proven themselves in natural healing practice. Our end customers benefit from our in-house development and manufacturing know-how, guaranteeing them that they receive innovative products of the highest quality.

We not only supply you with a variety of high-quality biological products, we also practice the holistic treatment approach in alternative medicine. In regularly offered seminars, we provide Naturopathic interested naturopaths and doctors our practice-proven diagnosis and therapy concept for the successful treatment of their patients.

In addition to immunobiological and isopathic medicines and nutritional supplements, we now also offer you a range of natural care and beauty products. These preparations contain unique raw materials such as essential and fatty vegetable oils, plant extracts, juices and concentrates as well as minerals and biotechnologically produced active ingredients. Selected cosmetics contain homogenates from sturgeon and salmon caviar, biotechnologically produced preparations or monarden oil, which prevents inflammation and viral skin infections.

The products have also been tested several times in Germany by independent institutes toxicological, microbiological and allergens and meet the highest requirements of the German cosmetics market.

sanPharma has been able to help many seriously ill people get well in the past few decades. Experience has taught us that even people could recover that were considered no longer treatable. For many, our name is therefore an efficient and successful treatment method that can be used safely at all times without side effects.

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